As our customer base expands so do we.  Starting in downtown Lynchburg, now we sit on 13 acres.


Our History

Mr. James D. Taylor and Mr. George P. Ramsey founded Automated Conveyor Systems, Inc. in 1975 in historic downtown Lynchburg, VA. Twice during the early 1980s the company leased additional space to offset growth. On December 31, 1986, the company purchased a 74,000 square foot building to accommodate the company’s expanding workforce and regularly growing client base.

In 1996, ACS expanded again, building a new, 143,220 square foot building on a 13-acre site in Lynchburg, VA. The current facility houses the manufacturing, engineering, and administrative departments of the company in a central location, facilitating better collaboration among the business units. At this central location, ACS has focused on streamlining its manufacturing process, increasing capacity and the quality of each product.

ACS expanded yet again in 2014, when a 38,000 square foot addition was constructed to create more space for the storage, shipping, and maintenance needs of our growing company.

The outstanding service provided by our domestic and international sales representatives affords ACS the opportunity to provide supplies, equipment, and services to all 50 states and nearly 50 countries worldwide.